Ravensdale Lodge League results week ending 21st February

by Dolores on February 22, 2016

SJI Registered Indoor Spring Horse & Pony League Results Thurs 18th Feb Week 3 Horses 80cm class – Divided between S.Twaddell’s Coolodge Mirah (Pauline Twadell) and S.Nolan’s Coppermine Jack (Darren McNulty). 90cm class – S.Heaney’s Imperious (Samantha Heaney). 1m class – Divided between M.Barrett’s Captain Becca (Niamh Barrett) and P.Twadd ell’s Cavalier Cruise C (Pauline Twaddell). 1m10 class – Divided between N.McKee’s Keeforde Sundance (Noel McKee), Cunningburn Lodge Stud’s Drumneath Jack Jones (Emma Jackson), S.Dunne’s Mouse C (Tara Dunne), J.Murphy’s Apollo Blu X (Richard Wright) and J.Murphy’s Baracuda X (Richard Wright). 1.20m class – E.Jackson’s Amy B (Emma Jackson) and G.Scott’s Clangish Lu Lu (Gwen Scott). 1.30m class – Cunningburn Lodge Stud’s Vancouver (Emma Jackson). Ponies 128 80cm class -Divided between N.Burns’ Dat’ll Do (Zara Burns) and L.McElroy’s Back to Black (Tegan Burns). 128 90 class -1st: J.Finney’s Ballyknock Master Roan (Alex Finney)(46.26) and 2nd C.Sloan’s Kofi Kingston (Eva Sloan)(53.26). 128 1m class – J.Finney’s Some Journey (Alex Finney) 54.40 138 90 class – Divided between: S.Moore’s My Little Ruby (Jessica Moore) and D.Leahem’s Willow (Simone Leahem). 138 1m class – 1st R.McKee’s Buster (Rachel McKee) (41.87), 2nd N.Burns’ Flap Jack Flyer (Zara Burns)(47.26),3rd R.McKee’s Glasclonne Sweeper (Rachel McKee) (45.14) and 4th S.Moore’s My Little Ruby (Jessica Moore)(54.89). 148 80cm class – Dunrevy Stables’ Dunrevy Lady Americano (Katie Creegan). 148 90cm class – T.Howell’s Wivollet Something Special (Cery’s Howell). 148 1m class – Divided between: S.Moore’s Madge’s Lane Larry (Jessica Moore), T.Howell’s Essenar Luizza (Cerys Howell) and S.Moore’s Glenarousk Flash Bandit (Jessica Moore). 148 1m10 class – S.Moore’s Madge’s Lane Larry (Jessica Moore) (41.74), 2nd Rouglan Farm’s De Kuilen’s Winne (Daryl Somerville) (44.50) and 3rd R.McKee’s Sahara Storm (Melissa McKee)(50.52) 148 1m20 class – no result.
Horse & Pony Indoor Training League Results Friday 19th February Week 3 X-Poles Class – Double clear: K.Creegan’s Gypsy (Katie Creegan). 60cm Class – Divided between: N.Gormley’s Archie (Nadine Gormley) (prize)and W.Byrne’s Dylan (Katie McConville). 70cm class – Divided between: C.Hanna’s Trigger (Charlie Hanna), C.Ewing’s Major Ben (Charlie Ewing), F.Osborne’s Double Daz (Finn Osborne), R.Osborne’s Socky (Rory Osborne), T.Cardwell’s Tayto (Trevor Cardwell), T.Harper’s Jessie (Tierna Harper) and C.Hanna’s Mr AC Drummer (Charlie Hanna). 80cm class – Divided between: J.Meegan’s Oreo (Jennifer Meegan), P.Harbison’s Hutch (Phoebe Harbinson), T.Harper’s Jessie (Tierna Harper), F.Osborne’s Double Daz (Finn Osborne) and C.Ewing’s Major Ben (Clara Ewing). 90cm class – Divided between: O.McParland’s Woody (Orla McParland), S.Young’s Jacobi (Sinead Young) and P.Harbinson’s Hutch (Phoebe Harbinson). 1m class – No result.
Ravensdale Friday Indoor Spring Training League Week 4 resumes Friday 4th March 2016 (no show February 26th) start time 5.30pm Classes x-poles to 1m10.
Ravensdale SJI Registered Indoor Horse & Pony Spring League Week 4 continues next Thursday 25th February Start time 11am Horses 80cm (m) – 1m30 and 5pm approx Ponies all classes)                                                                                                                                                                                                                          SJI Ravensdale Spring Tour GP kindly sponsored by BeepBeep.ie 27th & 28th February.

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