Results week ending Febrary 7th 2016

by Dolores on February 9, 2016

Friday Indoor Spring Training League Horse & Pony Results February 5th 2016 Week 1
XPoles Class- Double clear: K.Creegan’s Gypsy (Katie Creegan).
60cm Class – Divided between: E.Taggart’s Ben (Emer Taggart) and K.Creegan’s Gypsy (Katie Creegan).
70cm Class – Divided between: C.McCann’s Handsome (Cori McCann), W.Byrne’s Dylan (Wendy Byrne) (prize) and R.Osborne’s Socky (Rory Osborne).
80cm Class – Divided between: K.King’s Heather (Katelyn King), S.Young’s Jacobi (Sinead Young), H.McGowan’s Mrs Black (Holly McGowan), R.Osborne’s Socky (Rory Osborne), T.Harper’s Jessie (Tiernan Harper) and V.Campbell’s Vinnie (Vicky Campbell).
90cm Class -Divided between: C.Webb’s Dolly (Carl Webb), W.Glendinning’s Out of the Blue (Will Glendinning), S.Young’s Jacobi (Sinead Young), H.Haire’s Gunner (Harry Haire) (prize) and L.Duffy’s Connie (Leah Duffy).
1m Class – Divided between: A.Franklin’s Really Russell (Aislinn Franklin) and R.McKee’s Buster
(Rachel McKee) (prize).
1m10 Class – Double clear: T.O’Hare’s Flight (Tiernan O’Hare).

Sunday Indoor Registered League Horse & Pony Results February 7th 2016 Week 2
Horses 80cm Class- Divided between: S.Richardson’s Ballinteskin Superstition (Sarah Richardson), P.Richardson’s Zanadoo (Jane Richardson) and C.Moorhead’s Edentrillick Sapphira (Carol Moorhead).
90cm Class- no result
1m Class – Divided between: T.Woods’ Miss Behave (Zoe Woods), D.Sloan’s Jandini Van De Morken (Zara Sloan) and S.Weir’s Larry’s Cruise (Stephen Weir).
1m10 Class – Divided between: G.Jackson’s DStud Image W (Barry McCormack), D.Sloan’s Jandini Van De Moeren (Zara Sloan), K.Brady’s Ruby’s Flight (Caroline Fallon), N.McKee’s Keeforde’s Sundance (Noel McKee).
1.20m Class – Divided between: T.Woods’ Without Permission (Zoe Woods), K.Brady’s Ruby’s Flight (Caroline Fallon), J.Houston’s Butuela (Charlotte Houston).
1.30m Class – T.Woods’ Kilronan Chin (Zoe Woods).

Ponies 128 90cm 1st C.Gibson’s Lisboy Black Magic (Annie Gibson) 31.64, 2nd J.Clarke’s Lenamore Mini Metro (Maeve Clarke35.43, 3rd Ballywater Farms’ Lurgan Daragh (Katie McEntee), 36.36, 4th L.McEntee’s Star Spangled Banner Katie McEntee 42.67, 5th D.Leathem’s Moihill Sundance (Simone Leathem) 42.70,6th J.Clarke’s Alloy (Maeve Clarke) 43.63.                128 1m 1st J.Finney’s Some Journey (Alex Finney) 36.00, 2nd J.Finney’s Ballyknock Master Roan (Alex Finney) 36.04, 3rd J.Clarke’s Lenamore Mini Metro (Maeve Clarke) 37.14, 4th Foley’s Ponys Sparkel (Max Foley) 37.54, 5th Ballywalter Farms’ Lurgan Daragh Katie McEntee 38.52, 6th L.McEntee’s Star Spangled Banner (Katie McEntee) 39.12 Also double clear C.Gibson’s Lisboy Black Magic (Annie Gibson) 48.82)                                                                                                                                  138 90cm Divided between: D.Leathem’s Willow (Simone Leathem), S.Moore’s My Little Pony (Jessica Moore) and Foleys Ponys’ Magnum PI (John McEntee).                                                                                                                                                                 138 1m 1st Foleys Ponys’ Sandy (Max Foley) 36.25 2nd R.McKee’s Buster (Rachel McKee) 38.28, 3rd L.McEntee’s Hubba Bubba (John McEntee)40.08, 4th J.Clarke’s Gaulstown Lady Bishop (Tadhg Clarke)41.10,5th Foley’s Ponys’ Magnum PI (John McEntee) 45.01, 6th J.Finney’s Coltstown Dun Cruiser (Alex Finney) 48.68.                                                                                        138 1m10 1st Foley’s Ponys’ Mayfly Green Peter (Max Foley) 37.74, 2nd Foley’s Ponys’ Sandy (Max Foley) 41.05, L.McEntee’s Hubba Bubba (John McEntee (42.90). 148 90cm S.Moore’s Glenarousk Flash Bandit (Jessica Moore).                                            148 1m Divided between : S.Moore’s Glenarousk Flash Bandit (Jessica Moore) and S.Moore’s Madge’s Lane Larry (Jessica Moore).
148 1m10 1st G.Kerr’s Pauldary’s Pocket Rocket (Kerrie Kerr) (38.39) 2nd T.Webb’s Future Lady (Carl Webb) (41.38) 3rd Foley’s Ponys’ More Clover (Jason Foley) (42.54) 4th J.Clarke’s Knockroe Little Mike (Ruairi Clarke) (44.07) 5th S.Moore’s Madges Lane Larry (Jessica Moore) (45.28) 6th C.McAlpine’s G.Maha (Hugo McAlpine) (45.95). Also clear Foly’s Ponys’ Lynncot Fancy Parts (Jason Foley) (46.50).                                                                                                                                                     148 1m20 1st G.Kerr’s Pauldary’s Pocket Rocket (Kerrie Kerr) (38.75) 2nd C.McAlpine’s G.Maha (Hugo McAlpine) (41.22) 3rd Foley’s Ponys’ More Clover (Jason Foley)(43.67) 4th Foley’s Ponys Lyncot Fancy Parts (Jason Foley) (44.17) 5th L.Murray’s Mathius (John Murray) (44.42) 6th L.Houston’s Blessington Grange Mist (Charlotte Houston) (47.96)

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